All of Kmuch’s Products are 100% organic and rich in fibers, protein and energy. Each and every product is prepared with much care and a special fixed formula to ensure a healthy, nutritious and mineral rich diet for your livestock.

HDM 101 Silage

Kmuch Pineapple Silage 101 Bromelain Enzyme formula is based on enzymes that are only found in natural pineapple plants. Our special patented formula makes the ideal feed for milking cows during hot to extreme weather conditions. It will increase the cattle’s stamina and the quantity of milk production.

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Steam Flaked Corn

Kmuch’s Steam Flaked Corn started in 2008 as a steamed flaking plant. This is a one of a kind plant in Thailand. Besides all the corn are non-gem, this plant produces a true steam flaked product that is a rich in starch and protein for increased milk production.

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Steam Flaked Soybeans

Steam Flaked Soybeans are produced using Kmuch’s patented process. We do not use any solvents, nor do we extract anything from the raw soybean, leaving you with the full fat (20-22%) and crude protein (36-38%) of the raw soybean and still carrying the soy hull containing approximately 6.5% fiber.

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