Organic Corn Feed

Steam Flaked Corn Feed (SFC)

Kmuch’s Steam Flaked Corn started in 2008 as a steamed flaking plant. This is a one of a kind plant in Thailand. Besides all the corn are non-gem, this plant produces a true steam flaked product.

Kmuch’s Steam Flaked Corn comes in three different types:

  • Dehydrated Dairy Steam Flaked Corn
  • Dehydrated Steam Flaked Corn (with Sugarcane Molasses)
  • High Moisture Steam Flaked Corn
Kmuch's Steam Flaked Corn (SFC)

Dehydrated SFC

Dehydrated Steam Flaked Corn (Sugar Molasses)

  • Moisture: 10%
  • 13kg flake used primarily in calf and show feed diets
  • Mixture of sugarcane molasses

During the process of drying, we add the company’s secret ingredients to the sugarcane molasses which are then sprayed onto the flakes with high pressure. The purpose of steam flaking is to enhance the starch availability found corn while also gaining bypass protein values associated with milk production.

Typically you will gain a 15-20% average value enhancement to corn. For example, if you feed 6kg of fine ground corn, you can feed 4kg of steam flaked corn.

Dehydrated Dairy SFC

Dehydrated Dairy Steam Flaked Corn

  • Moisture: 10%
  • 13-15kg flake used primarily in cow lactating diets
High Moisture SFC

High Moisture Steam Flaked Corn

  • Moisture: 45%
  • Used primarily in cattle feed lot diets

This product undergoes the same procedure as our Dairy Steam Flaked Corn. The only difference it the drying process which leaves the moisture of the flakes at a higher level.

Kmuch offers Steam Flaked Corn silage format packaging.