Steam Flaked Soybeans

Steam Flaked Soybeans

Steam Flaked Soybeans are produced using Kmuch’s patented process. We do not use any solvents, nor do we extract anything from the raw soybean, leaving you with the full fat (20-22%) and crude protein (36-38%) of the raw soybean and still carrying the soy hull containing approximately 6.5% fiber.

This steam process also enhances the bypass protein to 55-60% and has a digestibility value greater than 95%.

Product Usage

Kmuch Steam Flaked Soybeans are used in many ways: for milk cow herds they can be used to replace cottonseed, roasted soybeans, and expelled soy meal products.

Typically usage is between 2-3kg per cow a day. In calf feed diets, they can be used as the primary source of crude protein. Along with the protein, you also receive the fat for more digestible energy. Take a look at these healthy and quality products packed with vital minerals and energy for your herds.

All of Kmuch's products are made from fresh corn and pineapple.