What We Do

Quality Ingredients

We manufacture and supply the finest animal feed to the global market. Our products, which are rich in fibers and other essential nutritions, have been tested and perfected over two decades to ensure a healthy and quick growth of your livestock.

From pineapple, sugarcane bagasse to corn stocks, our products are premium sources of fiber, and are much superior to traditional fiber sources such as rice straw, timothy-grass (which is also expensive), italian-grass, and other grasses.

Fermentation Technique

The presence of lactic acid enzymes (probiotic factor) which naturally occur during fermentation in all our products is key to maintaining premium animal health – Kmuch’s prime objective.

Our fermented feeds are free of any anti-nutritive values (ANF’s) and are high in digestive efficiency, making our products more desirable and viable when it comes to fiber feeds and formulations.

This is especially true when it comes to the continually rising costs associated with raw materials and general animal feed sources.

Decades of Know-How

In order to produce high quality animal feed, a very high level of professionalism, know-how, and continuous technological development must be maintained. We strive constantly to meet the needs of our customers and drive technological and efficiency improvements in the global animal feed industry.

Our production units are staffed by diligent professionals and industry specialists who ensure our end-to-end processes are flawless. From development and testing of new formulas to rigorous hygiene standards; our operation is world class and has been proven to be the standard when it comes to animal feeds.